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We have been working on a project that we believe can help companies consolidate various tasks into one platform, eliminating the need to sign up for multiple services.

Last year, we released a new version of our web application (initially launched in 2017). Since then, we've witnessed an increasing number of companies signing up to use it. We believe it could also benefit your business. Please read the brief description of the new Descod System and how it can assist you in easily managing your daily operations.

Website and Content Management:

If you own a business website or you want to create one, you've come to the right place. Since 2016, we've been offering Website Design, Development, Hosting, and Management services. We've assisted companies like Alistage, Cycle Legal, Teaching Life Skills, and Lisa Nix Coaching in building their websites from scratch, handling everything from design to development and ongoing management.

  • Teaching Life Skills Website
  • Insure Learner Driver Website
  • Cycle Legal Website
  • Tv Scape Website
  • InsureDaily website
  • Novitas Website

Whether your website needs updates, experiences downtime, or requires content refreshing, we've got you covered.

Our website design and development services start at just £750, with hosting available for £250 per year for small websites. Even large websites, like Cycle Legal's with over a hundred blogs and numerous pages, are managed seamlessly by us.

Daybook Web Application:

The Descod Daybook is our flagship web application, allowing you to efficiently manage your daily operations.

Through the Daybook, you can create and manage tasks, including selecting customer details, assigning staff, setting task statuses, and more.

The system is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. We'd be happy to provide a guided tour to showcase how the Daybook can streamline your operations.

  • Black Box Insurance

Customers Web Application:

To complement the Daybook, we offer the Customers web application, providing a centralized location to store customer details.

This includes company information, contact details, and multiple addresses if required.

These details seamlessly integrate with the Daybook, saving you time and effort when creating tasks or generating correspondence.

  • Black Box Insurance

Staff Web Application:

For businesses with staff or crew members, our Staff web application allows you to manage user permissions and handle holiday requests efficiently.

Each application within our system has its own set of permissions, ensuring data security and access control.

  • Black Box Insurance

Vehicles Web Application

If your operations involve vehicles, our Vehicle web application enables you to store vehicle details and schedule services to ensure their proper maintenance.

These details integrate with the Daybook, providing visibility into vehicle availability and service requirements.

  • Black Box Insurance

6.Managing Multiple Companies/Websites:

For businesses managing multiple entities, our system offers a seamless solution, allowing you to switch between companies/websites with just a few clicks.

While signing up initially grants access to a single company/website, we can accommodate additional entities for an adjusted yearly price.

Contact us today for a demo to discover how the Descod System can enhance your business operations.

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