Des/Cod { Code and Design Studio }

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  • idea

    Creative Idea

    Every website start with an idea, this idea should be unique and has its own style to deliver the best experience to visitors

  • idea


    We deliver every design without any problem to give our clients the best experience ever as they expect

  • idea


    Our main goal to develop every website to work as fast as it's possible and to be smooth and solid

  • idea

    & Launching

    After Launching a Website our goal is to monitor this website as much as it's possible with full support

We offer

  • Fully Responsive

    Our websites built for big monitors up to 4k, Personal computers, Tablets and Smartphones

  • Easy Costumizable

    With few click you will be able to Edit your website, Publish your articles and more

  • About Coding

    we make our websites works as fast as it's possible and our goal to make it elegant, fast and secure

  • Unique Design

    every website should have it's own design, and this design should match the brand of the company

  • Parallax Effect

    in every website we add more effects powered by CSS3 and jQuery to make it more interactive for every visitor

  • Lifetime Support

    we give our websites full support as long as it's live, and this support for the backend and the frontend


  • HTML5

  • CSS3


  • wordpress

  • CMS